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I would like to share with you my experience with Miro Builders.  I certainly would highly recommend using Miro Builders.  There is confidence in knowing there are very good workers that are employed in the project.  They do extremely good work.  They have the expertise to complete any project.  There is a level of trust and honesty that is present that I have not seen in too many contractors.  Miro Builders was great with communicating with me throughout the project.  It was also helpful for me to know that anytime I would call, someone was always there to take my call and provide me with the proper attention.  I was impressed.  They directed me to suppliers that I could have confidence in.  This was a big plus for me.  I also felt that if any adjustments were needed to be made, Miro Builders was going to take care of them.  It is good to know there is a company who senses the personality and knows how to please the owner.


I can easily recommend the work this company does.

Dean Semmer


Working with Miro Builders made the remodeling of our house so easy.  They came in at the time we needed, gave us a very detailed and organized estimate, and was able to do the work when we wanted it completed.  Miro Builders was always available to answer our questions and was always so helpful.  They heard our visions of our house and worked around any obstacle that got in the way to make our dream house a reality.  I would refer Miro Builders to anyone who asks!!   Thanks again to Chris and his staff for all that you did for my family!!!"  

Justin and Rossella



Miro Builders does quality work.  That's the bottom line. When I have co-workers approach me about how my project experience went, my reply is I would give them an A+. 

I literally got over 100% of what was asked for. 

They did anything for us upon request, no questions asked.  They have a long term relationship with their sub-contractors who have the same reputation for quality.


If you want quality, at a fair price, from a straight-forward honest builder, go see Miro Builders, Inc. They are among the best in the business.


John Giannini



Miro Builders renovated our home for us, and they did an incredible job. They were wonderful to work with. They  helped us custom design every detail of our home while helping us stay within our conservative budget. We always knew exactly what our costs would be.

Also, we believe the quality of Miro Builders can’t be beat. They took personal pride in the renovation they completed for us, and every detail of the building process was handled smoothly and efficiently. We had access to anyone within their staff throughout the entire time our home was being remodeled and even after it was finished. Our questions were never left unanswered.

If we have another project again, it will be Miro Builders..

We could not be more pleased.


Steven Marti


Remodeling and Home Design